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Increase your focus on profit maximization. Our small company's online bookkeeping services can help you organize your finances.


Providing excellence every step of the way

For many years, Vitadtax has provided low-cost, high-quality bookkeeping services to small businesses and start-ups. Providing you with the best possible service is one of our priorities. Our work and client service have earned us a reputation for excellence. In addition, we have extensive knowledge of QuickBooks and other accounting software.


Our firm adheres to three core values: professionalism, punctuality, and quality. We are a top firm in our field because of these three principles, which guide our work and distinguish us from other accounting firms.


Let us handle your bookkeeping needs

Don't spend all of your time worrying about the financial aspects of your firm. Payroll and bookkeeping services from Vitadtax include all gross receipts and payroll tax filings. You'll be able to keep track of your finances, make wise spending decisions, and reduce your stress regarding tax time. You'll save money on tax preparation if you keep your books current. We make it a priority to deliver services that are both reasonably priced and of high quality.


Every member of our staff is either a certified accountant or a trainee. Higher quality accounting information can be delivered more quickly, efficiently, and effectively by us. You'll be able to make more informed business decisions in less time if you work with us.


In terms of the most common duties that our bookkeepers deal with, these are the most frequently encountered:


  • Keeping track of money transactions
  • Set up a system to reconcile financial records
  • Organize the incoming feeds from the bank
  • Take care of the receivables
  • Pay the bills when they come in
  • Assist your tax preparer in tax compliance by working with them
  • Prepare the necessary financial records
  • Assume specific responsibilities in the areas of payroll and personnel management
  • Make suggestions for simplifying technology and processes


Solutions for Bookkeeping That Fit Your Budget

Vitadtax understands what it's like to run a small business on a tight budget since we've been there ourselves. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality service at the most affordable price possible.


A one-stop-shop solution for your bookkeeping needs


We're delighted to be a top provider of bookkeeping services for small businesses, with decades of experience and a long list of satisfied clients to prove it. More than 50,000 business owners have benefited from our tax and accounting services, allowing them to spend more time building their businesses and less worrying about their books and tax obligations.


Convenient and accurate bookkeeping perfectly suited to your needs


  • Less Stress

Simple bookkeeping can cause anxiety, migraines, as well as an increase in blood pressure if you don't know what you're doing. Our customers have told us this.


Hire us as your bookkeeper if you'd like to have complete peace of mind about your financial situation. Later on, you'll be grateful that you did.


  • Experts Guidance

What if you could have a financial expert at your side as you embark on your business path? To some extent, as your bookkeeper, we will assist you in this regard.


If you're looking to grow your business, we can help you identify the key performance indicators (KPIs) that drive that growth and help you build up systems to track and monitor those elements. Not only that, but it gets better. Our assistance can also be used to deal with reoccurring challenges, such as increasing debt or a lack of available cash flow.


  • Security

Another one of our goals is security. When it comes to your company's finances, we take things very seriously and don't take any chances with them. To ensure that our client's data is safe, we have implemented all available security measures, and all of us adhere to strict regulations. For the highest level of security and compliance, we only use cloud-based applications that are encrypted at the bank level.


  • Efficient service


Save time and money by not using outsourced generic bookkeeping services. Your questions and concerns are important to us, and we respond immediately to them. We aim to exceed your expectations every time.

  • Accountability

Our success will directly result from our ability to work together as a team. When the paperwork is complete, we have a second person go over it to make sure everything is correct before it is submitted. To ensure customer happiness and accuracy, we put our best foot forward.


  • Privacy

We know that entrusting someone with your private information can be nerve-wracking, but you can relax knowing that your privacy is protected when working with us. A secure email service allows us to transmit and receive files. Our responsibility is to keep your data safe and secure on our servers.


We strive to make a difference in the lives of our clients

Our goal is to help our clients flourish both personally and professionally. Because every customer is unique, we tailor our approach to fit their needs. We'll take a proactive and forward-thinking stance with our employees. Please feel free to ask any queries you may have.


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Vitadtax is open all year round. Our office is staffed with several people who can answer your calls, prepare your tax returns, represent you in front of the IRS or other state agencies, and take care of any other concerns that may arise.

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