All of VITAD'S TAX's Services Are Customized for You!

With Vitadtax, you'll get one of the best credit services available, but it's important to remember that one size doesn't fit all. We provide services that are specifically designed to meet the requirements of each of our clients.

We are Experts in Credit Repair

Learning the foundations of credit restoration is simple; a fast Internet search will educate you on the regulations about contesting mistakes. But, our capacity to assist you goes much beyond what you can learn on the Internet. We've studied the rules governing credit repair in great detail, and we've dealt with credit repair concerns for a long time. It is easy for us to help you regardless of your particular situation because of our commitment to competence. You can rely on our expertise in the law and our knowledge of what is best for your credit repair goals when we provide you advice and take action on your behalf.

Identity theft protection is part of our credit repair services

We don't only run a credit check and correct any errors that may be there. The credit bureaus will also be notified of any mistakes in your personal information and accounts that are listed incorrectly or misspelled. We'll be able to safeguard you from identity theft as well as credit errors as a result.

You can rely on us

When you work with our credit repair experts, your goals are their principal focus. Competitors of ours only target one credit bureau each month. From the beginning, we deal with as many issues as there are on all three bureaus. To assist you in achieving your objectives, our experts develop realistic action plans and serve as a reliable resource.

What is included in the consultation?

We will assist you in restoring your credit report and delivering it to you. After that, we'll go over your credit history with you and recognize the items harming your credit rating. We'll examine your good credit and show you how to improve it by paying your bills on time and adding or canceling credit accounts. We don't charge you a penny until this process is complete and you've decided to continue with our service. There is no obligation on your part.


Vitadtax's Programs work in cycles. You will receive three credit reports at the end of each month. For your benefit, these reports will list all the negative things that have been deleted from your credit history thus far. Send us these documents via fax, email, or regular mail, and we'll track their journey for you.


  • STEP ONE: The professionals at Vitadtax thoroughly examine your credit history, challenge any errors that you find incorrect, and devise a strategy for improving your credit score.
  • STEP TWO: In the event of a dispute, the credit bureaus investigate and force your creditors to justify the elements they recorded in your credit history that you find objectionable. To improve your credit rating, we'll be implementing our plan to establish the necessary credit over this period.
  • STEP THREE: There are modifications in credit reports, which are reflected in new reports from the credit agencies. We'll compile a new report to illustrate the overall progress.


Why Choose Us?


  • We Provide You With the Means to Preserve Your Credit for a Long Time

Not only do we help you rebuild your credit, but we also provide advice on how to avoid falling back into the same predicament again. If you ever have a problem with your credit, we'll advise you on the best course of action. For the rest of your life, you'll reap the rewards of working with us.

  • We provide resources to repair your credit

This is the fastest and most effective strategy to improve your credit score. It's possible to obtain new credit with no minimum credit score criteria if you approach the right companies.


  • Throughout the process, we will keep you informed

Our web-based encrypted reports allow you to monitor your progress at any time of the day or night. Throughout your credit repair, you'll receive regular updates from us. We'll involve you every step of the way.


  • Get Professional Assistance - You'll Save Time and Money!

Credit repair is a time-consuming endeavor. It requires a lot of patience, tenacity, and knowledge of several laws. Disputes on your credit report must be handled correctly. Debt collectors, collection agencies, and credit reporting organizations may all be involved in resolving some of your debt issues. Let us take the heavy lifting for you to spend your time doing other things.

  • It's Our Job To Take The Time To Pay Attention

It is our understanding that no two credit situations are the same. As a result, we reject the idea of universal credit repair. If a generic solution doesn't work for you, we'll take the time to figure out what will.


  • Go over your credit report with you and make sure you understand what is correct and what is incorrect.
  • The first step is to figure out what you want to accomplish with your credit repair.
  • Allow you to choose the plan that best meets your requirements by going over all of your alternatives with you.


Working with us ensures that your voice will be heard and that you'll receive credit repair assistance tailored to your specific needs.


  • In accordance with the law, we are as aggressive as we can be

Once you hire us as your credit repair consultants, we will do all in our ability to assist you in resolving your credit concerns. This implies that we will dispute and delete from your credit report everything that we can legally contest. Even if you are unsure if an item can be challenged, we will do so if the law permits.

Don't miss out on this freebie opportunity!

As part of our commitment to helping you improve your financial situation, we are offering you a complimentary credit consultation from a professional credit analyst.



Vitadtax is open all year round. Our office is staffed with several people who can answer your calls, prepare your tax returns, represent you in front of the IRS or other state agencies, and take care of any other concerns that may arise.

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